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Strange how one of the busiest cities in the world could suddenly feel so barren.

It seemed as if - in one fell swoop - that the world had decided to cave in on itself. Or... it felt that way for Harry, at least. There seemed to be a collective hush of grief over the loss of Gwen Stacy. They had been friends through Peter but were never that close. Not the way she and Peter were. Harry had always promised to get to know her better, and it left a bitter taste in his mouth that he never took the chance when he had it.

And as if fate hadn't been cruel enough, it would twist the metaphorical knife further by revealing her murderer to be Norman Osborn. Super-powered and acutely insane with an armory of lethal weapons at his beck and call, it went without question that he be sent straight to Ravencroft Institution. The newspapers were in a frenzy over that one, leaving Oscorp floundering to try and discern how to manage the situation. It also meant a lot of people were breathing down Harry's neck, because under normal circumstances, much of the business would have fallen to him in his father's absence. They expected decisions and statements from him that he never anticipated having to make and he was suffocating under the pressure.

It was so overwhelming. Too much, too fast.

On the flip side, Harry could only imagine what Peter was going through. It couldn't have been any easier for him, grappling with the aftermath of something so awful. Aunt May was probably doing her best for him, bless that woman, but Harry needed to see him for himself. On some selfish level, Harry found himself desperate for a sense of stability, for a friendly face. Peter was all he had left. But more than anything, Harry wanted to lend a shoulder to the guy who had always been a pal when he needed him. If he could offer any semblance of comfort in return - even if that just meant distracting him with terrible movie marathons or museum tours, then he'd give his best.

And so there Harry was outside Peter's door, ducking under an umbrella from the less than friendly weather.
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Peter was tailspinning hard.

He thought he had lost Gwen before, but this was real. This was reality. He would never see her again, not even from afar. It was a physical ache, in his chest, to know that she was no longer out there, somewhere, breathing and living and existing.

He should have let her go to England.

It's a thought that plagues him most days. If I had let her go she would be out there. Her heart would be beating. Peter always ducks his head and hides the tears. There's nothing he could do to change it, no matter how much he desperately wishes it had been him instead.

Spiderman had disappeared in the wake of everything, but Peter couldn't get rid of the suit. Instead he crumpled it into the tiniest ball possible and shoved it to the very back of his closet. But the weight of it sat with him, and he found himself staring at the closet doors more often than not. All of his pain was in there and he just couldn't let it out.

Guiltily, Peter hadn't thought of Harry much. When he did get around to it, through the crushing grief, he felt awkwardly too late to contact him. Even if Norman Osborn had been the cause of all this, Harry still had to watch his father be sent to Ravencroft. Peter still felt for him, and his thumb hovered over Harry's number without clicking every other day.

Aunt May wasn't home; she'd taken off work for a while after Gwen's death, but at some point the world needed to keep turning. Bills had to be paid. Life had to continue where Gwen's hadn't. So when Peter hears the door, even through his headphones, he heads downstairs to answer. Probably just the mail.

He's not expecting Harry when he swings it open without looking, and Peter freezes for a second, brain stuttering to catch up. "Oh - hey."
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"It's - okay," Peter manages, pulling the earbuds completely out of his ears and shoving them into his pocket. Maybe it's a testament to their friendship that Peter thinks he can hear the unspoken words on Harry's tongue. And he's not wrong. Peter never had many friends, but everybody, everybody knew about Gwen. The only thing worse were the theories. So many people wondered what she was doing up there, with Spiderman.

Peter thinks he got a little taste of what Harry dealt with, when reporters trailed him around for a week and a half asking about her and how he felt about her dying on Spiderman's watch. Those who knew Gwen were only more dogged about it. The only statement he'd given, to anyone, was that he was sure Spiderman had done the best he could and that he hoped the swinging hero came back soon (he tacked the on because everyone was saying it).

"I'm sorry." Peter manages, realizing he's been letting Harry stand out in the rain for far too long. "Uh - come in, please." He steps back to grant Harry passage inside.

"Yeah I mean we could - we could hang out." Peter offers an awkward smile. It feels foreign on his face. "I'm not doing anything, I was just...uh."
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Peter hadn't thought about what Norman might do, knowing Spiderman's secret identity. If he thought about it long enough, he probably wouldn't care. Who would believe him, that Peter Parker was Spiderman? If he had to, he could play it off that Norman was delusional, thinking Harry's friend was the 'Masked Menace' and captured Gwen as part of that delusion.

"It - " The words die on his lips. It's not okay. They both know it, why pretend? But Peter gives a soft half-smile. He holds nothing against Harry, and he hopes his friend knows that. "Yeah I - I'm still here. I meant to call I just - didn't."

"I don't." Peter says honestly, but he nods, scuffing his foot against the floor. "But I doubt I ever will, you know? She - "

He stops again, letting out a deep breath. Gwen would totally kick his ass for moping if she were around to see him now. "I could do to get out of the house if you have the time."
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The problem with Uncle Ben and Gwen, though, was that those deaths were 110% his fault. As was Captain Stacy. Peter still hadn't gotten over one ghost; how was he supposed to survive with three? But he would continue on, because that's what Parker's did.

"As fresh as New York can get," Peter chuckled quietly, glancing outside at the rain. It almost felt like the weather was mirroring his mood, as of late. Or maybe it was mourning the loss of Gwen just as hard.

"Thanks, Harry," Peter blinked at the certificates, carefully accepting them. "I'm sure Aunt May will love it." She'll be so glad to hear Peter saw Harry, too. She'd certainly hinted at calling him, especially this past week, and reconnecting.

"Let me get my coat?" Peter nods up towards his room. "I'll be right back."
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"What a gentleman." Peter managed a smile, this time more genuine than the last, and headed upstairs to pull on his shoes and thicker coat. Baby steps. First this, with Harry, and then maybe he could find it in himself to return to his studies at school. That one would be harder, but if he could get through this, maybe it was possible.

Maybe he could learn to endure.

Peter came back downstairs, grabbing his house key off the hook and shoving it in his pocket. "Ready?"
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Peter chuckled quietly, shaking his head. It was kind of crazy, the difference in the lives they both led - and how Harry managed to stay so grounded. But that was Harry, and that was why they had been friends from day one.

"Anywhere, man." Peter shrugged, taking his glasses off to wipe away the rain droplets that had collected on the lenses. "I'd say the dino park but it's raining."

One of Peter's favorite places to go. You couldn't help but be happy surrounded by fake dinosaurs and laughing children.
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[ooc: It's a real thing xD]

"It's like, New York's Disney," Peter joked lightly, shoving his shoulder against Harry's. That was another thing. They were so different - different likes and dislikes, interests, almost completely separate worlds - but they managed to stay friends. It was an easy friendship, too, in some respects; no matter how much time passed, they would always be able to slip into it like they'd never parted.

"I mean, you know me," Peter snorted and slid into the car, scooting over for Harry. "I'm always down for dinos."
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"Don't pass this off on me, you totally love the park." Peter accused, grinning a little. It was a blessing, to be able to forget about everything for, at least, this moment. Even if it did make him feel a little guilty, and his expression sobered up a tad. He knew he needed to start letting go but at the same time, he just...couldn't let himself.

"So how have - how have things been?" Peter cleared his throat, looking at Harry in earnest. "I really am sorry I didn't call. I can't even - it must be a huge shitshow."

As if Norman wasn't hard enough on Harry, now with a whole corporation looking to him for direction? Peter can only hope Harry hasn't been too terribly stressed.
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"Freaking dinosaurs, dude." Peter laughed, glancing out the window. Sometimes he feels like he never has time to look at New York anymore. Sure, he grew up here - with the city as your backyard, it can get a little overwhelming. But sometimes you just had to stop and look around. It was beautiful, and it made him feel a little less of himself and more of a person. Which was exactly what he needed.

"We don't," Peter assured, watching Harry's expression carefully. He knew when to back off and when to push; had to, this far in their friendship. "I just want you to know you can talk to me. Anytime. No matter how crazy it gets."

Peter bumped Harry's shoulder again, more than willing to turn the subject to something else. They both needed - nay, deserved - the distraction.

"How's school going? Did you end up accepting anywhere?" The question makes him realize he hasn't talked to Harry in quite a while.
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"You can't climb the dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural History." Peter snorted, fiddling with his glasses, a nervous tic. Harry's tense demeanor didn't go unnoticed either. They were using each other as distractions, and maybe that's what they both really needed right now. "That's the real dream."

"You only get one life, Harry," Peter smiled softly, sympathetic. Harry always had a helluva lot of pressure on that end. Peter was lucky, in a way, to have the family that he did. They were supportive, or they let him be. But Norman was constantly on Harry's case. "Not much point in living it if you're not doing it the way you want to."

"You should have an exhibition. Your paintings are really good." He hadn't seen them in a while, but Peter was sure Harry had only improved. They shared that characteristic; becoming fixated on something and working at it until they were raw.

"Not quite." Peter chuckled, fingers trailing over the seam of the door handle. "Well, I mean, I was accepted plenty of places. Empire offered the most money - and their program is great. It was kind of a done-deal."
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Peter tilted his head back and laughed, a real, genuine laugh. Yeah, no. "Hence the dino park! Perhaps one of the most brilliant constructions in the history of mankind. Second only to the pyramids."

"Whatever makes you happy, Harry, that's the only thing worth anything in this world." Life was too short for regrets. After Gwen's death, Peter knew this to be true more painfully and deeply than ever. What he wouldn't give for five more minutes with her. He'd already broken his own mantra by not talking to Harry - that was definitely changing, permanently. If one day he didn't come home from a patrol - his loved ones wouldn't be left not knowing he cared.

"What are you talking about? Of course they are. You've been making art since - I'm pretty sure you came out of the womb with a paintbrush in your hand." Peter wasn't huge on art. Wasn't big on much besides science, photography, and skateboarding. He was too technically minded. But he genuinely enjoyed Harry's art, loved the colors and the subjects. Going to museums with Harry was fun, too. Even if Peter couldn't always see what was so special about a certain painting, Harry could, and listening to him explain it through his eyes was fascinating. "You should have one. Even if I'm the only one that comes - which I won't be - it'll be awesome."

"Currently I've declared as a Biochem major. I want to concentrate in genetic engineering, if I can." Peter glanced over at his friend, smiling. "Like my dad."
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[ooc: He would do something that absurd just for a joke like that xD Peter would do his best to be unamused (but it wouldn't really work ;) ]

"You've seen Jurassic Park! The T-Rex was an animatronic and it almost killed a guy!" Peter didn't even remember how they'd found the park. Might have been Aunt May. The most important thing about it, Peter thought, was that every memory he had of the park - especially those with Harry, which was most of them - was a good one.

"That's all life is. One thing at a time." Peter smiled, glancing out the window. Like it was responding to his mood, the rain had gotten lighter, a little drizzle. If they stayed out too long, which they probably would, they'd still be drenched, but Peter couldn't find it in him to care.

"I should that on my business cards. Peter Parker - Photographer - Biochemical Engineer - Goofball. Add you as a reference for the last one." That had been kind of hilarious, with Norman so quietly furious at him, when Harry came home with a skinned knee and a megawatt grin. Peter had learned by then not to care what Norman Osborn thought, at least, not too much. Besides, through everything, for some reason, Norman hadn't stopped Harry from seeing him.

"Maybe." His smile dimmed just a little. Peter honestly wasn't sure. His dad had abandoned his research, but Peter thought that perhaps it was only because of Dr. Connors. If that was the case - maybe, with the right time and dedication, his research could be stabilized and actually lead to a cure for a lot of people. Dr. Connors' bad intentions and harmful rush had led to the dangerous side - but look at Peter. He was fine, for the most part. Still, he had no way of knowing exactly what his dad wanted, and sometimes he worried that maybe he should let this avenue of cure die. Pursuing his parents had really only cost him, at this point. "...I guess we'll find out."
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"The thing would move randomly. It's a miracle that guy survived." Oh, absolutely, all freakin' night. Used to annoy Aunt May half to death, yelling at them to sleep at their sleepover.

"Yeah, cause I'm so great with people." Peter laughed, fingers toying with the zipper on his hoodie. He really wasn't, especially not with his own peers. Adults were easier, sometimes, but other times they saw him as a sarcastic shit. Didn't see past the skateboard and jeans. "There's no money in biochem, not unless you're making weapons. There has to be a certain percentage of the population afflicted before a cure is worth putting into production." Harry knew this better than anyone, and Peter didn't mean to sound so disconsolate by it, but it was the truth. "Besides, I'm not a dazzling magnate like you. I don't have the right smile for the investors."

"I will if you will." Peter quirked an eyebrow, nodding despite himself. "Let's see if I can survive college first, huh?"

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