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( do we need to guess who this is for at this point )

Everyone had a threshold for dealing with shit and Harry had finally exceeded his.

Amid all the threats and not-so-accidental accidents, Octavius finally made a move. It was only thanks to an overpowered stun-gun Peter made him that Harry escaped. Octavius had gotten arrogant, moved just close enough to get in range, then ZAP. Both Octavius and the tentacles went on a fritz, throwing Harry to the ground. He was lucky to have gotten away with nothing worse than a gash on his shoulder and a mess of bruises from the encounter. But more than anything, it simply wasn't enough just to survive Octavius anymore.

Harry knew - now more than ever - that he needed to fight back. He needed to save himself from this guy. --But how? Even the stun-gun could only do so much.

And then he kept wandering into the study for long periods of time, staring at the mirror, long since replaced to hide the lair behind it once more. The serum was gone. Destroyed. But the weaponry, the materials, the blueprints... all of that was still in there. Granted, he couldn't use any of it as is. It belonged to the Goblin, and Harry wouldn't follow in those dark footsteps. If he wanted to use them, he had to become something else; he had to redesign everything.

...But could he? Harry was no genius, after all.

And yet - while that was true, he was resourceful and creative-- and he did exactly what he set out to do. Not without blunder, of course. There were plenty of mishaps and imperfections, but he had access to the programs, the blueprints, the materials his father had left behind. With them, Harry was able to create a new suit, a new glider, new weapons-- all entirely of his own design. He started out just tentatively flying around in abandoned subway tunnels, building confidence in himself and his tech. Especially trying to keep a low profile. This was just to fight Octavius, he told himself. He didn't need any attention on him; he didn't want Peter finding out until he was sure he could pull this off. And he had honestly meant to avoid heroics-- but then one day, he saw someone in trouble on his way to his makeshift training grounds. It seemed too cruel not to help.

They had been so grateful, and for the first time in a long time, Harry was proud of himself. He actually made a difference! It was an exhilarating feeling.

After that, he made more of an effort to help people before heading off to the subway tunnels. He still tried to stay low-key about it, but a new guy swooping in to save people was bound to get some attention. Today, he was even using the opportunity to test out a new gadget: a snare he'd built from razor bat scraps. It was supposed to lock onto a target and - when within range - break open and shoot out a cord that would ideally restrain said target. He was hoping to figure out a way to tie down Octavius' smart arms with it, but he figured this stupid mugger - trying to take off with some lady's purse - was as good of practice as any. The lock-on feature worked great, but the cord thing? ...Not so much. It just kind of ended up clotheslining the guy more than anything. ...Oops.

Thanks to that, Harry ended up staying behind longer than he wanted to, making sure the woman got her stuff back and that the mugger was properly restrained this time. In a hurry not to draw any more attention to himself than he already had, he was quick to return to his glider and hurtle off into the sky, hoping to get to the abandoned subway tunnels without further incident.
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The stun gun had only been a temporary solution, the best Peter could help Harry with on short notice. He gave it a little more punch than it probably needed, because if Harry was using it it was more than likely he'd a) only have one shot and b) was in mortal peril. He was still looking into hiring Harry a bodyguard, one that could handle the type of threat he was under, but each one he vetted turned out to be suspicious, or at least too shady for Peter to, in good conscience, pass them on to his friend. He just wanted him to be safe, dammit! He considered doing it himself, as Spiderman, but he still wasn't sure how Harry felt about his spider alter ego and Peter honestly wasn't sure he wanted to know.

So weeks pass and Harry successfully keeps his run-in with Octavius under wraps. Peter is busy anyway, between coursework from his lectures, patrol, chores for Aunt May, and taking photographs for the Bugle. He kepy trying to sell them something other than Spiderman, something else for fluff pieces or court cases, but no dice. All they wanted was Spiderman, at least, out of Peter, who hadn't yet secured a position as anything more than a freelancer. Seriously, he's a pretty decent photographer, and he'll work for less than the staff photographers, why won't anyone take him on? That's a rant for another time.

Not only does word get around through city residents, but the vigilante community is more than aware when another one enters the fray. Peter usually works alone, but he has the ocassional run in with Daredevil along the Queens-Manhattan boundary, and the Devil has the decency to grunt at him about the new guy on his side of the turf. Heard he's been spotted to the east of your usual haunts. Might want to check it out, make sure he's not getting himself killed.

So tonight, Peter decided to head East and check out the tip. As far as he knew, the guy hadn't given anyone a name yet, so he was probably small time. Peter can't help but remember his own start out, silently hoping this guy had better motivations than Peter had. He's been stopping petty crime right and left all night, but so far, this new guy hasn't shown himself until - oh.

Peter had been swinging towards the source of the woman crying out about her purse, a little farther away than he might have liked to be. Unfortunately for Harry, the next thing Peter sees is someone flying away on a glider, and the dread that filled him was swift, stifling. No.

Peter shot a web, almost too hard on his arm, sticking to the bottom of the glider and swinging himself in an arc over the flier, aiming to kick him off balance. "Now how the hell did you get out?"
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"What does it look like?" Maybe Peter's reacting a little harshly but - that's definitely Goblin-esque technology. If whoever this guy is didn't model it after the Goblin it was a damn huge coincidence. Peter was used to the 'tributes' to certain villains, poor shadow replacements in their place - now that he's close enough to see it's not actually Norman, he's going to guess it's a knockoff. "Giving you the talking to you clearly need, bucko. I'm not doing this again with a freaking copycat."

"Now get down here before I have to kick your ass - "

This guy wasn't even a good supervillain, and Peter cut off his train of thought to deal with redirecting them. He shot another line of webbing to a building, yanking on the glider as he swung the opposite direction. It should be enough to get them off the collision course with the billboard, although it's a close call and seriously he did not sign up for this.

"I have had it with these motherfucking goblins in this motherfucking neighborhood!" Bad snark covering up real pain: check.
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The funny part was, there was a part of Peter that was actually angry on Harry's behalf. It was downright disrespectful to Norman's memory, honestly. Peter was just assuming this was some random guy who thought it'd be a fun idea to develop his own tech in the likeness of the Goblin. There were people out there who actually rooted for the supervillains. We're talking Loki fan clubs.

"Yeah, yeah, paving your own path to glory, I don't want to hear it, shortcake."

Peter severed the web and landed nimbly on the roof, crouched on the balls of his feet, when he realized Harry was going to listen to him without the need for force. Good. Frankly, he's going to be getting an earful, poor thing.

"Brownie points to you." He stood up, striding forward to poke the not-Goblin in the chest. "I'm sure you would, but do you deserve not to get punched? Let's go through it. Point A - I don't care who you think you are, Norman Osborn was a person before he was the Goblin. You don't get to shit on that with this new age Goblin crap. You think his son is going to like somebody running around with copycat weapons - I certainly don't. Seriously, you didn't even bother to change the color scheme."

"Point B," Punctuated with another hard poke to Harry's chest. "The Goblin is not a good role model. He killed someone. I was there, chief."

"So by my count, the Goblin took two lives, and he was gunning for mine. This is not a fucking game." Peter leaned forward, bug eyes blank but his anger clear. "I suggest you think about the next words that come out of your mouth very carefully, got it?"
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"Oh yeah, tough guy? What the hell do you know, about anything? Please, enlighten me." If there's one thing Spiderman is good at, it's goading his enemies into getting angry and him and attacking him on impulses. He'd really like an excuse to punch this guy right about now, so maybe Peter isn't really playing fair. The slap to his hand got a tilt of his head, as if to say, really?

"You have no idea what happened on that clock tower." Nobody did, the papers speculated and it just. It boiled his blood when people pretended like they understood. I'm sure she had a good reason to be up there, Peter. He took another step forward, definitely getting into Harry's face but at least he didn't push him again. "Say it again, green army man, I dare you."

"Yeah, because flying around looking like a little Goblin prodigy is so convincing." The guy sounded scared, though, and - not of him? Peter took a deep breath, tilting back his head to look at the sky for a long second. Cool it, muchacho. Something wasn't adding up, and he needed to just take a step back and swallow down his issues to actually assess the situation - preferably before he got any more pissed off.

Then Harry blurted out a solid reason, and Peter felt his confusion take over, gaze snapping back to him. "Woah, back up Bobby. What are you talking about? Protect who - from what?" You think he'd know about another damn threat in his neighborhood.
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"You say that like I can't shake it out of you." He is not Daredevil, he won't punch this guy into submission. But Peter is not above breaking the goider and dangling him over the edge of a building.

"You are telling me," Peter started slowly, wanting to make sure he was getting this straight because what. "Harry Osborn gave some random guy Goblin technology." Harry didn't, did he? He wouldn't do something like that without telling Peter. Would he? Fuck, and now Peter had to worry about this guy getting shot by the cops, in addition to the Harry-Otto situation.

"How do I know you didn't steal it? That he really gave it to you?" Besides asking Harry himself, which Peter would absolutely be doing later. "More than that, who are you and what makes you qualified to do something like that?"

It didn't seem like this guy did this for a living, like he was some hired mercenary, and it was worrying that Harry would entrust such dangerous technology to someone with no experience. Unless the guy stole it. That was a better explanation than Harry being reckless.
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"Are you always so ridiculously shady?" Peter's hand twitched, but he didn't shoot a glob of webbing. The guy wasn't trying to get away, not really. Good to know he was having the desired effect of unnerving him, though.

And just like that, all of Peter's anger evaporates because - seriously Harry? Peter is definitely glad for the mask, now, because he knew his jaw had just dropped open. He almost did a double take, barely hearing what Harry was telling him. "I. What the hell."

Peter has to take a second to organize his thoughts enough not to give himself away. "I'm not going to turn you in. Not unless - you didn't drink the same juicebox as your dad, did you?" He didn't think there was any more serum lying around, they'd destroyed it, right? But then, he didn't expect Harry to show up with Goblin tech either, so. "He was on something, I know that much."

"What guy?" Peter asked, hoping he didn't sound too nervous, since he already knew the answer. Otto almost got him? When? Why the hell hadn't Harry said anything? "What did he do? Why - is he after you?"
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Peter frowned behind the mask, seeing the obvious relief on Harry's face. He was seriously worried about getting locked up - well, he was flying around in a Goblin suit. If Peter hadn't stopped to chew him out he probably would have just webbed him and turned him in.

"Good. We should stop the human experiments." Good to know Harry hadn't reached his previous level of desperation when he was hiding it from Peter. Which they would so be having words about, come on, dude.

Peter wasn't sure how to get Harry to trust him, besides revealing himself. Which wasn't really an option, at the moment. But Harry had a hard enough time letting Peter-as-Peter help, so he expected a bit of convincing to be due. "First of all, I really don't. If there's a maniac running around Queens, he's already made himself my problem, even if he's only going after one person. If I can help one person, it's worth it." Especially if it's Harry.

"I couldn't help your father," Peter said quietly, the tension in his shoulders bleeding away. "Let me help you, Harry. No offense but uh - I could help you train."
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Peter was silent for a long moment. It would never be enough, not that he could tell Harry that. It wouldn't help anything. Instead, he moved on to how he could help Harry. "I mean this in the nicest way possible - you almost flew straight into a billboard. And I wasn't trying to kill you." Sparring with Peter would be different than fighting for his life against Otto. Not that Peter intended to let Harry do such a thing along.

"Bugle boy, huh?" Peter couldn't help the mild amusement in his voice. Well, it'd be easier to pretend to be tailing himself than for Harry to be trying to do it in secret. "Deal. Now spill it, Osborn. Everything, don't be omitting the fun stuff."

On the bright side, maybe Harry would finally come completely clean? Peter realized now that there were pieces he was missing, that Harry had left out so as not to make Peter worry. Which only made him worry more. What had Otto done?
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"To be fair, in my experience, people flying around tend to be bad news." Peter couldn't help but snort a little. "Did you really not expect to run into me? Manhattan has already heard about you. I'm surprised it took this long, honestly."

Only more of a reason to accept Spiderman's help, in the long run. It didn't occur to Peter that maybe he should have pretended not to know who Peter Parker was, but, eh. Harry was too busy to read too much into it - there was a funny look on his face for a second that made Peter wonder what he was thinking, but it disappeared quickly enough that Peter didn't get a chance to ask.

"Crazy scientist with creepy arms, got it." Peter crossed his arms comfortably, glancing out over the city. "An insider, huh? Do you have any leads on who that might be? Anyone from his old team, maybe?"

He'd be calling in a few favors, probably, to start a quiet manhunt across the city for Otto. As many eyes as they could get, really, not that Peter was going to tell Harry that's what he was doing. "Alright, let's talk about you and this - " He gestured to Harry's general situation. "And what exactly you've got going on here." And maybe not-so-subtly improve it. He doesn't know what modifications Harry has made, but Peter will be testing all of the weak points he knew Norman's version had, so as not to leave Harry any more vulnerable than he needed to be.
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"Sorry for stereotyping, but." Peter shrugged, not particularly apologetic. Oops. "...someone pointed you out to me. I was over here looking for the new vigilante on the block. Under the radar my ass."

It was the small blessings, really.

"Do you have a list, anywhere, of people with that clearance level? Could help weed through it faster." Even if it was a risk, getting the info - they had to start with something. It was only getting worse the long they waited. And if the conspiracy ran deeper than Otto and his maybe-assistant...well, they had some digging to do.

"Well firstly," Peter moved forward and clapped Harry on the shoulder, gloves pressing against the shoulder pads curiously. "Is it exactly the same as the other model? Or did you tweak it? The other one had a few weaknesses we could try to avoid this time around."

"Secondly, I gotta know what you've got to help you maximize your training. How have you been practicing, anyway? Besides the occasional vigilante justice schtick."
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"I'm a busy spider, what can I say." Typical Harry, picking it apart. Peter was finding it hard not to fall into their regular pattern of banter.

"You could give it to your photographer friend," Peter wasn't teasing. Okay, maybe just a little. It was kind of really funny, okay? "He does enough stalking me."

"Or we could just meet here tomorrow." Barring any catastrophe, and he didn't just jinx it, did he? "Nice. Speeds up your reaction time, smart. Does it still list on the left when you barrel roll?"

"So you need a sparring partner." He could just imagine Harry flying around the tunnels, smashing into walls as he tried to work on precision control. Now, Peter was curious to test his sword against his magnetized webbing. And here Harry thought he wasn't good at science, bullshit. "I'll do you one better; my super secret Spidey warehouse. Follow me?"
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"No? Don't you think he should know if his life is in immediate danger?" The words aren't said judgmentally; it's a genuine question. Was Harry trying to protect him or something? Probably, if his request for Spiderman to guard Peter was anything to go by.

"Yeah, I bet it gives you more maneuverability in the air, right?" It's why he ended up in the red and blue spandex getup he has on now. Lot of trial and error but ultimately, the lighter the better. "I'm not sure either, but it's pretty easy to off-balance that thing when it's listing. We can take a closer look at it."

If it had been anyone but Harry himself, he probably wouldn't have. And if Peter were anybody else? Definitely not. But he can't exactly say that and honestly? Why should he? Maybe Harry needed to feel like someone other than Peter believed in him. "I know a thing or two about how hostile the public can be. And - I mean this kindly - you're very honest. I believe you, Harry."

"Try to keep up," Peter couldn't help but tease, giving Harry a little, two finger salute before taking a jogging start and launching himself off the roof.
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Peter barely held back a snort, instead just nodding. Harry doesn't know Spiderman, it'd be weird for him to give him any further advice. It's both sweet and self-sacrificingly dumb for Harry to keep this from Peter; luckily, he isn't, whether he knows it or not.

"Yeah not getting hit is - you'll be grateful you didn't." Even if it was just Otto and his robot arms, Peter had been hit with plenty of robotic-esque things to know they were stronger than your average carjacker. He didn't know if Harry's armor would be able to really protect him if he was thrown through a building, god forbid. "Yeah we can run a diagnostic on it."

Again, he stayed silent, merely nodding. Harry looked so proud, like it really had been a confidence booster. Poor guy. It was still only Peter, but he'd keep the reinforcement going if it helped.

The thing about webslinging is, Peter's hard to follow even when he's not trying to evade. He's fast, a pendulum down the streets, all of his turns very abrupt as the web momentum yanks him this way and that. He lets out a whoop, navigating through the streets towards the abandoned warehouse district.

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